TIF 2001

―Inviting the Audience to the Back Stage―

The following Communication Programs are to create and nurture potential audience as well as artists for the performing arts in the future by providing them with opportunities to explore the back stage of the theater and peek into the creative process of the work of performing arts. The decrease of the number of audience within the performing arts is becoming more and more serious each year. Although each of the Communication Programs is small, we believe that as a whole, in the long term, it will make a significant contribution to promote an overall understanding of and stronger interests in the performing arts amongst the public. The programs range from post-performance-talks with the artists to excursions into multilayered aspects existing behind the curtain as well as visiting artists at their rehearsals.
Following last year's success, this year we expanded the program to place an stronger emphasis on young people, especially students in particular, by sending artists to school class rooms to meet the students.
*All programes are free.

Lecture Delivery
Artists got out of their studios and visited schools to give open classes to the students.

 ■Dance Workshop

  with Noa Dar (choreographer/dancer, Noa Dar Dance Group)
  on 10/22, 5-8pm at Nihon Univ.





 ■Butoh Workshop
with Yoshito Ohno (butoh performer, Kazuo Ohno Butoh Performance)
on 10/28, 4-8pm at Waseda Univ.




 ■Talk Session
  with Koji Hasegawa (Hirosaki Gekijo) on 11/14, 4:20-7pm at Tokyo Univ.
 ■Theater Workshop
  with Toshiro Suzue (Gekidan Hachiji-han) on 12/15, 3-6pm at Obirin Univ.


Studio Visits
TIF invites our audiences to the rehearsal studios and the back of the theaters.

 ■Rehearsal Visit
 Visited Ku Na'uka in rehearsal for 'Tristan und Isolde' on 10/4, 7-9pm at Morishita Studio A.








 ■Theater Tour
  Visited Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon after the performance of 'RASHOMON' on 11/9.

 ■Stage Rehearsal
  Selected students were invited to see some general rehearsals of the TIF programs.


ARTrial Vol. 01 -Networking Lounge-
TIF started ARTrial in 2000 (ARTrial Vol. 0), and youth group 'YAMP'(Youth Arts Management Project)was formed by students study arts management.
In 2001, YAMP managed ARTrial Vol. 01 -Networking Lounge-, selected artists or relevant persons, voted by students, met the students and discussed with them the future of the performing arts.

5/26 "gallery management" at Shibuya Gallery Le Deco
    guest speaker : Fumio Shimanaka(gallary manager  

6/23 "corporate support of the arts" at Shibuya Gallery Le Deco 
    guest speakers : Taneo Kato(Asahi Breweries,Ltd.) and Ohiro Minato(musician)

7/15 "artists' whereabouts" at Inokashira koen park   
    guest speakers : group "Kaizoku-dan" and the others

8/30 Music seminar by Asahi Breweries
    Live and workshop series in Tokyo "Ongaku wa Kaizoku da!!" (Music is pirate!!) at Asahi Square A
     (members of YAMP took part in management dept.)

11/16 "what a corporate support of the arts should be?" at Toyota Motor Corporation(Tokyo head office)  
     guest speakers : Naoko Suzuki (Toyota Motor Corporation)


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