Communication Program
Lecture Delivery
Artistes get out of their studios and visit schools to give open classes to students.
Dance Workshop
with Diversions (UK dance conmany)
on 11/20 at Nihon University (Ecoda)
Butoh Workshop
with Yukio Waguri (butoh performer)
on 11/25 at Japan Women's college of Physical Educationon
Theatre Workshop
wiht Hideo Tsuchida (playwrght)
on 12/1 & 12/7 at Setagaya Kuminkaikan Bekkan (Setagaya)
Visit Backstage

Rehearsals, stage areas and other parts of the theater usually seen as 'off limits' to the public will be opened up for all to explore. A rare opportunity to observe artists in rehearsals, to explore the stage and back stage areas, and to get to know other aspects of the theater. We believe that through such experience, the audience will feel closer to the theater, and will develop a deeper appreciation of the work of the artists.

Stage Rehearsal
Selected students are invited to see some general rehearsals of the TIF programs.
Studio Visit
TIF invites our audiences to the rehearsal studios.

Art Cafe in the College

"Cafe" is always a space where artists gets together, discuss and elaborate artistic projects. In this project, the participants manage a "Art-Cafe" in a college campus. The more information is coming soon!

Theaters on Broadband

The participant students present their reports (text and video) after every first day's performance during the Festival. This report is available on "Art on the Move" of the website of TIF.
Technical support : Waseda University Broadband Network Theatre Institute, Theatre television Co., Ltd.

Local Currency Systems

Local Currency Systems would exist in more than 2000 local communities in the world. What is the relation between money and Art in our actual capitalism system ? Through text reading and fieldwork, the participants research what can be possible with local currency system for our artistic activities in the future.

Party/ARTrial Vol.02
This party will be held at the end of December to gather up every participant of the TIF : Artists, students/participants to Communication Program, Audiences, staffs, etc. The more information is coming soon !