TPS + Bungakuza : Fuyu-no Beyer 
English title Beyer in Winter
date / venue 12/17(Tue)-12/19(Thu) Theatre Tram 
written / directed by Ayumu Saito
cast  Chikako Hayashi, Keiko Miyata, Teruo Seki, Katsuaki Takahashi, Rina Yamada, and Ayumu Saito
ticket price 3500yen
3000yen (students with ID/only at TPS)
2500yen (children, high-school students and handicapped with ID/only at TPS)
ticket CLIC, PIA, and TPS from 11/1
information TPS@011-520-0710
date / time
PhotoFKatsumi Takahashi

A father and a daughter. A piano teacher and her elder brother. A sterile couple. Before long, each couple have woven, and crossed-over and then.... Each piece shares the upright piano and Beyer's music as their common vision. This is the reproduction of a work premiered in December 2000.