Program : Theater
 EX MACHINA : the far side of the moon [Canada]
date / venue 10/19Sat-27Sun) Setagaya Public Theatre
written / directed by Robert Lepage 
 music Laurie Anderson
cast Yves Jacques 
ticket price 6500 yen (A), 4000 yen (B)
2000 yen (unreserved/partial view)
ticket CLIC, PIA, LawsonL-code:37573), e
information Setagaya Public Theatre 03-5432-1526
date / time
PhotoSophie Grenier

'the far side of the moon' with the music of Laurie Anderson, is a magic mirror which reflects the 20th century. This is the latest work by Robert Lepage, the director at the forefront of the theater world. Enticing you with ingenious images, this work takes you on an enjoyable intellectual adventure.

In English with Japanese subtitles.