Program : Theater
 Thailand +Philippines +Hirosaki Gekijo : Indian Summer
date / venue 12/13(Fri-15Sun)・12/20Fri-23Mon) Theatre Tram
written / directed by Koji Hasegawa
stage manager Shinji Nomura 
cast Kenji Fukushi, Seigo Hatasawa, Tharinee Songkiatthana, Banaue Cruz Miclat
ticket price 3000 yen, 2000 yen (students with ID)
ticket available from October 1st (Tue)
ticket Hirosaki Gekijo / PIA / e/ TIF
information Tokyo International Arts Festival (TIF) 03-5428-0337
date / time
Staff Room 5:15p.m.
PhotoYokoyama Hideki

In the 'Japanese Film History Research' room of a certain regional University, a meeting of graduates is underway. 'Yasujiro Ozu and Japanese family' is the topic for the class while a love affair between the assistant professor and a foreign female student plays out. The problems of Asian family and contemporary Asia are unflinchingly presented.