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About Us

The Arts Network Japan was founded in 2000 with the goal of reviving the scope of art as a social force and to link art more closely to society. Based on this principle, ANJ engages in various activities in order to nurture the performing arts, to discover new talents among artists of the younger generation and to foster international cultural exchange. Acting as an organizer of Festival/Tokyo (currently the largest festival of Performing Arts in Japan), operating the Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory, the Toshima Summer Arts Factory and r:ead, the Arts Network Japan constantly engages with launching new art initiatives and projects. It is aiming to be a space for new forms of exchange and artistic creation.

The Birth of ANJ
The “Tokyo International Arts Festival” harks back to the “Tokyo International Theatre Festival 1988 Ikebukuro” which was after its start held again in 1990 and 1992. In 1995, its name changed to “Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts” which was held biennially up to 1999 and since then on an annual base. During the first years, for every single festival an executive committee was formed. The committee appointed an executive director who was responsible for the organizational structure and the operation of the festival. But, as the scale of the festival grew larger, the temporary organizational structure more and more became a matter of concern. After the 1999 festival had finished, the executive committee decided to proceed with the establishment of an NPO. The approval as NPO by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was obtained in 2000. In April of that same year, the NPO Arts Network Japan was formally founded.