Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts2000


Kazuo Ohno
Butoh Performance
10/17-18 Rune Kodaira Large Hall Special Stage

Although no such title actually exists, Kazuo Ohno would merit the title of "National Treasure of Butoh". At over 90 years old, Ohno will grace the audience with 30 minutes of the pureness of his art on the stage at the Large Hall of Rune Kodaira. There will be a post show discussion with the artist.

photo by Naoya Ikegami

Yukio Waguri & Kohzensha Butoh Company
"Chi-no Hone II"(Bone of Earth II)

10/19-20 Rune Kodaira Medium Hall

Waguri, the direct successor of the late Tatshumi Hijikata, the master of butoh, will dance to music of metal percussion performed by Masaru Soga. Inspired by the history of iron and the human race, Waguri attempts to lead our soul through a journey from the world in the core of the earth to the surface of it and beyond it to the world of air.

photo : Shigetada Takahashi

"Dance Selection 2000"

Section II: Little Asia Project (Dance Session) 10/24 Plan b
Section II: Little Asia Project (Solo Dance Series) 10/28-29 Session House
Performed by Kate Denborough(Melbourne), Aki Nagatani(Tokyo), Daniel Yeung(Hong Kong), and Ming-lung Yang(Taipei).

Section III New Works 11/23-26 Oribe Hall
Participamts include NIBROLL, Takumi Harada, 86B210, and Yukio Ueshima.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, 'Dance Selection' this year will introduce solo works of selected artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Melbourne, and Tokyo, as well as the new works of local emerging dance groups and choreographers.
Daniel Yeung
"009-COLLAR" "010-SKIN" "011-DOT" "012-RAG"

11/20-21 Oribe Hall

Rejecting preconceived meanings, emotions or stories, Tanno's focus is strictly on the present time and the space in which he performs. In this presentation of four solo pieces, each lasting approximately ten minutes, the audience will get an insight into four separate characters within the dancers persona.

Choreographed and performed by Ken'ichi Tanno. Music by Jiro Matsumoto, lighting by Osamu Yoshioka.


Reinhild Hoffmann & Susanne Linke (from Germany):
"Uber Kreuz"

11/22-25 Park Tower Hall

Since they first met at the Volkwang Dance Studio in Essen some 30 years ago, Hoffmann and Linke have led German Expressionist Dance. Here for the first time , they come to create their own duet, with mature and controlled movements, peering into humanity's inner self.

Choreographed and performed by Reinhild Hoffmann & Susanne Linke.
photo by Silvia Lelli

"Kazuo Ohno on Screen"

11/27-29 Oribe Hall

Screenings of films featuring Ohno.

"Antologia"(140min), "My Mother"(65min), "Admiring La Argentina-The First Edition"(70min), "Portrait of Mr.O"(65min), "KAZUO OHNO"(14min) by Daniel Schmid.
"Admiring La Argentina"(60min), "The Palace Soars Across The Sky"(63min), "A Table or Dream of Fetus"(76min), "Mandala of Mr.O"(120min), "KAZUO OHNO"(14min), and the other by Daniel Schmid &Renato; Berta(13min).
"Waterlilies"(69min), "The Dead Sea"(81min), "Kazuo Ohno and La Argentina"(55min), "The Book of The Dead of Mr. O"(88min), and the other by Daniel Schmid &Renato; Berta(13min).

"Kazuo Ohno and La Argentina"(1982)


Regional Theater Series

Communication Program