Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts2000


YU◎KIKAI/ZENJIDO-THEATER: "melancholy baby"

10/13-25 Aoyama Round Theatre
《The 14th Aoyama Engeki (Theatre) Festival》

In a small jazz club in a lost corner of a big city. A young aspiring writer opens up the doors to the clubs patrons melancholic pasts. The automata master, Muttoni allows you to enter into a fantastical world of nostalgia and melancholy.

By Atsuko Takaizumi, directed by Akira Shirai. With Michitaka Tsutsui, Atsuko Takaizumi, Kiichi Fukui, Akira Shirai and the automata master MOTTONI.
photo by Chieko Nozumi
Ku Na'uka Theatre Company: "Medea"

11/1-5 Aoyama Round Theatre
《The 14th Aoyama Engeki (Theatre) Festival》

Premiered last fall and acclaimed as "Undoubtfully the best of Ku Na'uka," their production of the Greek play returns to Tokyo's audience. The fire of revenge within Medea will burn the eyes of the audience with its beauty.

By Euripides, directed by Satoshi Miyagi. With Micari, Kazunori Abe and Makiko Kawai.
photo by Tatsuro Rokuto
Nitosha + Setagaya Public Theatre present:
"Hagike-no San-shimai (The Hagi Sisters) "

11/4-19 Theatre Tram

The three sisters of the Hagi Family live in a small city, the oldest, an assistant professor at a university, the second a housewife, and the third, single and mentally dependent on her parents. These three different women offer us through stories their differing perspectives regarding their relationships with their lovers.

●Written and directed by Ai Nagai. With Kimiko Yo, Asako Minamitani and Akira Ohtaka.
photo by Lin Keisen
Hitsujidan × Aoyama Round Theatre Produce:
"Mizuirazu-no Hoshi" (The Intimate Planet)

11/7-8 Aoyama Round Theatre
《The 14th Aoyama Engeki (Theatre) Festival》

Formed by the former members of the Jiku Gekijo which disbanded in 1997, Hitsujidan features Yasuhiro Kanegae and Junko Uchida in Masataka Matsuda's new play, directed by Takeshi Mizunuma (MONO). When the wife suddenly disappears, the following days see this married couple go through a series of bizarre and strange incidents.

photo by Kenichiro Matsumoto

Ontological-Hysteric Theater (from USA):
"Bad Boy Nietzsche!"

11/16-19 Park Tower Hall

Written, directed, designed, and composed by Richard Foreman, the renaissance man of the avent-garde American theater who has received nine Obie Awards. He visits Japan for the first time with his latest work which is, as the New York Times puts it, an "impeccably constructed philosophical vaudeville".

With Gary Wilmes, Juliana Francis, Kevin Hurley and Sara Louise Lilley.
photo by Paula Court
TheaterCompany RINKO-GUN + The Japan Foundation:
" Nan-yo Kujira Butai (Whalers in the South Seas)"

11/23-12/11 The Suzunari

This play readdresses the history of the 20th Century through its depiction of the life of wandering whalers around the islands of Southeastern Asia where, once scarred by the invasion of Japan's Imperial Army, traditional whaling is still practiced today. Based on research in Indonesia, the company's director Yoji Sakate's cast brings together actors from Indonesia , the Philippines and the United States.

Written and directed by Yoji Sakate. With Djoko Bibit Santoso (Indonesia), Nor Domingo (Philippines), Kameron Steele(U.S.A.), Takahiro Onishi and Gentaro Shimofusa (Japan).
photo by Taku Ohara


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