Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts2000

Regional Theater Series
Following last year's success, TIF 2000 showcases the work of up and coming Japanese companies from around the country.
POP THEATRE Я[Yamaguchi]:
"Jaguchi" (The Tap)

11/7-8 Kitazawa Town Hall

On the morning of the memorial service of her husband, a mother and daughter dish out (or suppress) their feelings and emotions . Written and performed in Yanai-ben, the dialect spoken in the Yamaguchi district, the Western tip of the Honshu Island.

Written and Directed by Ji-yushita-Boku. With Jun and Satomi Kunisaki.
Photo by Yukihiro kato

Gekidan Akaikaze[Morioka]:
"Morioka Hachiman-ro GI Blues"
(Morioka Hachiman Whore House GI Blues)

11/11-12 Kitazawa Town Hall

Set soon after the World War II, our protagonists embark on a search for their identities. Changes within their society brought about by the post war confusion create rifts and threaten the stability of traditional family values. Their 1998 premiere, a critically acclaimed depiction of post-war Morioka, a Northern city, fused a mix of local folk music and jazz, traditional customs and western influences.

By Okiango & Mizuiro Izumi, directed by Yuichi Sakata. With Isejiro, Rumiko Sugawara, Shiho Nagai, Tatsuya Sasaki, Ban Chiba, Yuko Sato, Yuko Ninuma.
A.G.S (Artists' Guild of Sapporo)[Sapporo]:
"Goch-kara-no Saigo-no Tegami"
(The Last Letter From Van Goch -Together Again-)

11/14-15 Setagaya Public Theatre

For their first appearance in Tokyo, the A.G.S presents their 1999 award-winning play about the two Impressionistic painters: Vincent van Goch and Paul Gauguin. The two painters, who had parted company after their attempt to live together and built a paradise for painters in Arle, France, only meet again when Gaugin, convinced to do so by Theo, Van Goch's younger brother, returns to the ear-less Van Goch at a sanatorium outside Paris...

By Yuzo Utsunomiya, directed by Moriyuki Honma. With Hisaji Yamano, Ayumu Saito, Shin'ichi Sekine, Osamu Takizawa, Kaoru Nishida, Yasushi Nagatoshi, Naoko Yoshida, Keiko Miyata and Masaki Donoshita.
Photo by Katsumi Takahashi

Gekidan Ikokugentousha[Shiga]:
"The Bullpen"

11/18-19  Setagaya Public Theatre

Former stars of the National High School Baseball Championship, these four die-hard pitchers still maintain their passion for their stadium, even though it has now turned into a housing Center. Gentosha's performance is so passionate they will have us believing the theater to be a ball field.

Written and directed by Toma Miyazawa. With Souha Nisi, Ginzi Banbara, Hiromi Adachi, Sarasa Sano, Hatirouta Marusima, Itirou Maeda, Kazutosi Mituya, Genta Akagi, Jack Ohnogi, Takasi Okamoto, Hiziri Kanno and Toma Miyazawa.
Photo by Yukihiro kato

"Suzukake-san Galvan-Bueno-Dori De Utau"
(Suzukake-san Sings on Av. Galvan Bueno.)

11/21-23  Theatre Tram

At a movie theater in Sao Paulo, Brazil, people are celebrating the final Christmas of this century. The play provides us with a window into the lives of Japanese immigrants against a backdrop of Japanese films and pop music.

Written and directed by Shu Toro. With Reiko Fukui, Takako Yamafuji, Eiji Yano, Kozo Nakagawa, Tsutomu Tamura, Tomomi Ashikaga, Asako Tanaka, Tetsuya Shirai, Hitomi Yoshida, Shigeki Yoahikawa and Shu Toro.
Gekidan Hachijihan[Kyoto]:
"Suashi-no Nikki"  (The Barefoot Diary)

11/25-26  Theatre Tram

Play by award-winning Toshiro Suzue. A working woman in her 20s falls in love, but isn't so sure what to make of it when she faces problems both at work and at home: her parents are about to divorce whilst one of her colleagues at work is losing her job.

Written and directed by Toshiro Suzue. With Toshiro Suzue, Miho Nakamura, Yoshiro Hayashi, Keiko Masuno and Tokiko Yamaoka.

Photo by Masahiko Yako
TIF presents/The 14th Aoyama Engeki (Theatre) Festival
Hirosaki Gekijo[Aomori]:
"Fuyu-no Iriguchi" (The Entrance of Winter)

10/27-29  Aoyama Round Theatre

Reputed for their portrayal of the family in contemporary society, the Hirosaki Gekijo depicts the family and relatives of a dead old man at the public crematorium.

Written and directed by Koji Hasegawa. With Kenji Fukushi, Seigo Hatasawa, Shinya Goto, Hirohito Nagai, Makoto Sato, Tatsuhiro Yamada, Tsuyoshi Nakajima, Hitoshi Hasegawa, Terumi Sato, Kazuki Fujimoto, Aya Ohsaku and Yuki Hamano.



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